Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Alaska is possibly the most Georgist or second most Georgist in the country because of the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Some relevant passages are below. I’ll be adding Alaska to the “LVT friendly” for now.

Article VIII
Natural Resources

SECTION 2. GENERAL AUTHORITY. The legislature shall provide for the utilization, development, and conservation of all natural resources belonging to the State, including land and waters, for the maximum benefit of its people.

SECTION 3. COMMON USE. Wherever occurring in their natural state, fish, wildlife, and waters are reserved to the people for common use.

SECTION 4. SUSTAINED YIELD. Fish, forests, wildlife, grasslands, and all other replenishable resources belonging to the State shall be utilized, developed, and maintained on the sustained yield principle, subject to preferences among beneficial uses.

Article IX
Finance and Taxation

SECTION 3. ASSESSMENT STANDARDS. Standards for appraisal of all property assessed by the State or its political subdivisions shall be prescribed by law.

SECTION 15. ALASKA PERMANENT FUND. At least twenty-five per cent of all mineral lease rentals, royalties, royalty sale proceeds, federal mineral revenue sharing payments and bonuses received by the State shall be placed in a permanent fund, the principal of which shall be used only for those income-producing investments specifically designated by law as eligible for permanent fund investments. All income from the permanent fund shall be deposited in the general fund unless otherwise provided by law.

Article X
Local Government

SECTION 11. HOME RULE POWERS. A home rule borough or city may exercise all legislative powers not prohibited by law or by charter.