Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another New Service

So I was playing around with feedburner, trying to find out how to make an html sig for my emails, and I found out that most (>50%) of my posts were bugged and were not getting through. This is unfortunate. I have foxed most or all of these bugs, however.

The email sig is now in. If you get an email from me you will see it in my sigs section. It's kind of nifty actually.

The other new service I have added is also from feedburner. If you look on the left sidebar you will see a new option to add your email address. This will let you subscribe. All of my future updates will simply be sent to you via email. I tend to edit typos a lot, so I have no idea if this means you will get posts in the email everytime I edit. But, it is worth a go anyway.