Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday Wine Blogging (cont)

Been a while since I made one of these

Marietta Cellars. Lot Number Forty One.

I normally tend to steer clear of table wines. However, this one is particularly refreshing in ways I wouldn't have expected. For one, it's bouquet of blackberries is pleasing and the taste launches into an immediate garden fresh fruity berry taste. When people say they like "sweet" wine, but not "sugary" wine, they usually mean wine that taste fruity. This is their wine. The

It cost me around 12 dollars. For similar wine, I would expect to pay up to 15 dollars.

It does have some tannins and other acidic overtones and as such, you might want to consider eating cheese just before, or while drinking this wine. It may help balance the tannins out a little and bring out even more flavor. Alas, I have no crackers and don't feel like opening my St. Albray without crackers.