Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Wine Blogging (cont)

I have three wines to blog about this week.

First and the only one with a real cork, Toasted Head – Chardoney – 2004. I paid about 15 bucks I would pay around 14 for it again. It is very oaky, aroma heavy of pears and maybe granny smithy apples. The oak overwhelms everything, though it does give it a downhome flavor. At the same time it could stand up to (probably) nearly anything you could throw at it, for food paring that is.

For a Chard, it is a nice break from the run of the mill chard. This is unlike nearly everything out there and is a quality wine. I think for 15 bucks it is ok for something a little different. It is also OK for a first go, I would think

The second is the Villa Maria - Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand – 2005. This is on the grapefruit spectrum of Sauvignons. My wine store owner described it as “refreshing”. I am not so sure I would use that adjective. On the finnish it has an excited lime that seems to linger. Lime is not something I associate with refreshed, personally. I paid 12 bucks for this and would pay 12 bucks again.

The third is what I am sampling atm and it is not remarkable in any way. I can not recommend buying it at any price and, frankly, I am surprised the wine dude allowed my through checkout.

Brampton – Sauvignon Blanc – 2004 – South Africa. On the grass spectrum. Not much else to say.