Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Geolibertarian Democrats

LoganFerree at Freedom Democrats has a great post on community organization and I totally agree. There are a lot of liberty minded people who would not consider themselves “left” and a lot of liberty minded people would not consider themselves “right”.

In the past two or three years, the faux libertarians, trying to market faux freedom (Freedom of marriage, patriot act, etc), have begun to upset the libertarian caucus that has been voting Republican since Reagan came to power.

This coupled with Marxism being effectively dead, the libertarians are now taking a second at the democratic party. Labor, after all, is not a “social activity” but is the product of a sovereign individual. The movement called the “geolibertarians”, which is a Georgist group who consider themselves Libertarian; I see them most closely aligning with the democrats.

With the advent of the internet, blogs, newsgroups, and so on, we will be leaving the time of “party” and entering the time of the “caucus”. Likeminded groups who align themselves most strongly with an issue will seek support from some special interest like they already are. Many special interests will form a caucus. The major parties will try and "recruit" these caucuses. The Democrats have fractured special interests while the Republicans have few consolidated powerful caucuses. The Republicans figured this out in 1994, and arguably even before then. The Democrats are still stuck in their glory days of yesteryear, but with the emergence of the Deniacs, Paul Hackett 1.0, and most recently YearlyKos we will see a shift away from the old guard way of doing business.

The caucuses of the evangelic Christians and Libertarians simply can not live together in the long run. The book “What’s the Matter with Kansas” talks about this paradox to a certain degree and ironically, what do we see happening in Kansas now?

That said, the fastest way to alienate the libertarians is with the mercantilism, protectionism, subsidies and other hindrances to the free market. The best way to synthesize libertarians and the progressive democrats is through Georgism, which does not violate any rights of the individual, but enhances them.