Sunday, June 25, 2006

Streaming Music (cont) – duets

I am a big fan of the duet and vocalized harmony in general. So, I’m a big bluegrass fan. I think the duet is a lost American art form. Country music used to be the place for the duet and even that has largely gone away. Merle Haggard and Dolly Pardon, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Pardon, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynne, but we don’t hear it anymore. Country music has become all about the “Rock star” persona, flag waiving, beer and pigskin and has lost a lot of the magic along the way.

But, where country is leaving off, bluegrass or what some people are calling the “newgrass” movement is really taking off and it really shows in their on stage performance. Some of these new bands coming out like Yonder Mountain, and some of the older bands like Ralph Stanley are starting to get a lot of traction in the contemporary music crowd and radio play where you would not have expected it.

Today’s Streaming Music is Gillian Welch & David Rawlings performing "I Wanna to Sing that Rock & Roll."