Thursday, June 29, 2006


Not to take away Atrios' patented term, but seriously, there is no other title more fitting.

Over at a crooksandliars they have a video up of a Mr. John Stossell spewing forth the disinformation, which frankly, is the only defense that the global warming opponents have.

Now, I wouldn't normally bother to link something like that here, but when Scarsdale gave him "the last word" he took that opportunity to effectively say that anyone who is a global warming opponent must hate capitalism and are proponents of socialism. However, if Mr. Stossell had done is homework, he would know allowing firms and people to pollute without paying for the privilege to pollute, is in fact, subsidizing this behavior and further, it is not compensating the cost the I have for the benefit you are getting.

I am not certain what economic system Mr Stossell is operating under, but it is certainly not the free-market. Maybe some twisted hybrid of mercantilism or protectionism, but certainly not the free-market.

Lastly, if he was familiar with the proposal then he would know that Gore is a proponent of shifting taxes away from income taxes (a socialist misunderstanding) and towards pollution rents. I can only assume that Mr. Stossell is intellectually lazy or has some other “agenda” which I have yet to learn about.

Mr. Stossell could go and read my Skytrust initiative.