Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Power of Discussion (cont)

This comment below is in response to the diary I put up at DKos yesterday: Saving the Family Farm.

I don't mean that we don't ever talk about eminent domain or sprawl or transportation or development or organic vs. factory farms or protecting the environment, just that there isn't a cohesive, easily-communicable vision linking it all together. These issues ARE all tied up together - once you start trying to address any one aspect of land use, you bump up against the others.

This is why the opposition has such an advantage. They have a clear, concise message surrounded by a theory that is comprehensive. This is also why I will keep relentlessly pushing the Georgist message to the net-roots. I think it is clear that many people are aware of the problems, are also aware that the opposition’s theory is not the remedy, they are aware that the current plans are “push down push up” wack-a-mole solutions, and are seeking some sort of comprehensive plan. The “party” is not going to come around until the people come around.