Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Booker in Newark

I like the story of Booker. I haven’t seen the documentary, but I am familiar with the story. I think there is an important lesson for Georgists here. Georgists too often get mired down in the all-or-nothing complex or debating the finer points of Georgism in some abstract academic fashion and I think that is great for academia, but I also think the only real way to turn heads and raise real awareness is “Street Evangelism”.

I was reading an article this morning about some of the early socialist movements and how they were mostly composed of former Georgists. I think this had a lot more to do with no real central leader post-George. The Marxists understood this from the very beginning. One thing they were always good at was organizing and acting. Even if they do not get their glorious revolution, they still succeed every day with their Marxist ideologies.

The socialists taking the labor movement has created, at least in my view, a fear within the Georgist movement about ideological purity. The reason the labor movement left the Georgist camp in favor of the socialist camp was not that they didn’t understand George (this may also be the case, but is not the point) it was that the leaders of the socialist agenda were better leaders.

Ask any liberal today about post-Keynesian thought or any conservative about the neo-classical realm and 99% of the time they do not understand it and very often believe in the exact opposite of what the theory claims and yet “still believe”.

This is one of the things this blog is about: “Street Evangelism”. Part of that is user interactivity, for example, posting comments when you have comments, or sending me material to blog about, or sending me guest blogging articles, etc. Some of those happen more frequently then others.