Friday, July 21, 2006

Yesterdays sessions

Yesterday was a full day for me and wifi was a problem, so getting posts up, was also a problem. Today may or may not be better.

I'll get some more details sessions up later today, but very generally here is who spoke:

Ed Lawrence of the Fairhope single tax corporation spoke on what makes a downtown special.

Paul Justus of common-ground-USA spoke on smarter taxes and smarter growth

Adam Kerman, the executive director of the Transit Riders Athority, spoke on Collecting Transit's Earnings, and What To Do When There Aren't Any.

Art Lyons, director of the Center for Economic Policy Analysis spoke on Who Calls the Tune? Funding for Useful Transit Service. This was a very interesting topic for me. Modeling government failure is always a fun excericse.

Finally, Ed Anderson, Professor of Engineering, University of Minnesota, spoke on Personal Rapid Transit systems. I'll be going into this later, because I see it as being very problematic in two ways.