Thursday, June 29, 2006

Because ignorance is strength?

Seriously that is the only explanation of this article from California.

The local planning commission favors sprawl over non-sprawl because:

  • The sprawling plan accommodates deals being negotiated between the city and two developer teams.

  • These deals would see 500 of 600 new homes in Tracy built in two outer-Tracy subdivisions by The Surland Cos. and Souza Realty and AKT Development from the year 2013.

  • The developers would buy these home-building rights from the city for $40 million and 35 acres of land.


  • Other developers have argued that the deal sells the city short by more than $100 million.

Shocker I say. Shocker.

Oh, but that is not my favorite. Yes, we get another newspeak term for this, but first, the quote:

“In this case, commissioners agreed with city staff that the sprawling plan was preferable because it would leave the most amount of land empty for unplanned commercial developments.”


You can contact the city council of Tracy, CA here:

City Hall

325 East 10th Street
Tracy, CA 95376
Phone: (209) 831-4103

I then went digging around and found this from the same paper dating from April 17th.

Hobbs said Thursday that he learned the U.S. Department of Interior has approved transfer of the site to the city. Pombo, R-Tracy, previously had sponsored legislation that would transfer the 200-acre site if the city pays for 50 acres. Most of it would be used for baseball, softball and soccer fields, but the city also has to commit 50 acres for businesses or some type of economic development.

That leaves only completion of environmental reviews before the city can take ownership of the site.

Are these the same environmental impact studies?

Digging a little bit more and what do we find? Well, well, well This from May 06th. So, who is mentioned?

None of the cities or the county contracted with AKF Development in the last three years. The company deals primarily with the private sector. AKF recently built Spreckels Park in Manteca and a 293-unit apartment complex south of Highway 120.

Oh, sure, but so long as the city is giving them free land they don’t have to, now do they?

Simply amazing. I am sure there is more digging to do yet