Sunday, June 25, 2006

Liveblogging Events

Next month will be the Council of Georgist Organizations meeting in Chicago in July, which I will be attending.

Many of you here are familiar with liveblogging, how it is done, what to be prepared for and what to expect. Now, to me, this seems fairly straight forward. Just bring a laptop and have at it. But, I also spent 6 years in the military and if there is one thing my experience in the Navy taught me was - the straight forward is always kinked.

So, I’d like to tap this resource of knowledgeable livebloggers out there in the blogging community well ahead of time so I can have time to acquire what I need, schedule and plan ahead so I can get out as much information as possible to this community.

Just post your comments here or email me if it is very lengthy and I’ll post it up on the main board. I’d like everyone to be able to read this information.