Friday, July 21, 2006

Debate: Free Trade

Lindy Davies vs Dan Sullivan and the moderator is Bob Drake.

This was mostly about free trade issues, which actually isn't an issue I'm very well versed in since I haven't read Protection of Free Trade. So, I wasn't able to get all the details of the debate and put them into the computer because most of my attention was spent on understanding the debate.

As I get a chance to talk with them later, I'll go back and edit as best I can.

Dan Sullivan says:

Superfically Free Trade is goods = power = privilege

True Free Trade is Goods equal Goods

His claim is that Henry George talked about free trade assuming we had a fair monetary system.

Lindy Davies says:

Do we need to protect our industry?

He said to Dan that he doesn't believe that the coversation is divided between the right and the left, but rather where the logic takes you... and then added (too much laughter) that is because he is a Georgist and "not saying Dan isn't a Georgist".

Protectionism vs free trade debate is seperate from the privilege debate

Dan Sullivan Rebuttal:

Free trade and the land question need to be answered at the same time.

Lindy Davies:

Free trade is still a big issue today.

We have other ways to earn money then by borrowing this money (money which is lent into existence), for example we can earn through wages.

Questions: Gib:

Lets look at reality of the situation. We had the largest free trade group, the contigious states for example.

question Joan:

What about wages comperable to our wages.

response: Issues of distribution of wealth, when those factories are set up the productivity of those areas increases. It isn't going to stop those workers from being exploited.

Dan also responds: For example, when a factory goes over the border to mexico, wages go up and rents follow.


what happens when companies like walmart are really the profiters.


What about full cost pricing

If we're doing all this outsourcing, why all this record employment.

Mark Sullivan:

Are you in favour of using the military to open up free trade.

Answer Dan: There is no such thing as a free trade treaty.

Our job is to say our people are free to trade. If your buying stolen goods, it's not free trade.

Question Paul: group of priviledged people controlling these third world discusion, who run the world, how can the this system be changed without violant revolution.


Question: If you were king for a day, what policy directives would you impliment.

full and value
abolish all free trade agreements
direct issue of currency
open immigration

Lindie not so much on the issue of direct issue of currency

What constituted free trade. Where one side is under duress.

Question Wayne: immigration

Answer: As more mexicans leave mexico, the meixican elite will alter the system to retain mexicans.

Lindie says: Free trade agreements are erroding national sovereignty.