Friday, July 21, 2006

Cay Hehner

Marx the admirer of capitalism.

Capitlism was saved only because the capitalists read Marx and they changed it only so much so it couldnt' collapse.

What is the truth about marxism and what can we learn from that?

Cognitive disonance as a people toward their own reality. Liberalism is championing the entrepreneur against the land lords. In Marxism the landlords are in collusion with the entrepreneur.

In the last 150 years marxim managed to monoplized progesive thought.

One of the people who came to the New School, Irving Fletcher.

Air rights are discused by Henry George. Tobaco pollution is discussed.

Two principle areas where Marxism is weak:
1.) Marxism did not have a sufficient understanding of Ecology.
2.) Marxism did not have a sufficient awarness that no political system can survive in the long term without an acknowelding human rights.

Marxism was a genuine lack of a grasp on basic economic principles.

Merit of Marx was that he raised the social justice question.

We have reached a point of congnitive disonance in regards to our system of capitalism, which is very great.

an unprecedented increase in natural resource wars.

How can we not become a totalitarian state? George is the answer.

Some commentary:

How do you propose to capture the attention of the populace.

why do you think there will be time?
-If we're all dead we're all dead. In the meantime we take the gamble.