Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday Wrap up

No Friday wine blogging yesterday, as I am here at this conference. My friend, who lives here in Chicago, came and picked me up and before going dowtown I did have one glass of Ravenswood Zin (which I've had before) at a Cheesecake Factory (which is depresing). We then went down to Division street in Chicago and had a few beers.

Later tonight I will be going to the banquet, which I will not be bringing my computer to.

So far the conference has been fun and informative.

I'm still thinking about some of the topics which I've already posted about, such as the PTV and the monetary reform I posted earlier today. There is another section coming soon about what the Bible has to say in regards to land reform - I missed that talk actually, because I was out with my friend.

Tommorow is the last day at the conference then I head on over to South Carolina for some fun with my brother and my niece.