Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Wine Blogging

Everyone else does Friday cat blogging, but guess what? I do not own cats. Or rather, should I say, cats do not live with me, because at times we have had cats and who owned who, if at all, was never very clear.

So, since this is my first post on wine, I thought I should explain this. You see, I grew up more or less on a dairy farm. I then joined the Navy. At some point in my six years in the Navy I somehow discovered wine. How? Why? No one really knows.

You will not see me “rate” wines because rated wines are like rated movies. Who decides which movie is a 63 and which is a 64 out of 100? Same thing goes for wines. An 88, 89, 90 are all going to be different to different people so it’s all BS.

I do not rate wines for food either. I may make some slight recommendations on what I would do for myself. Follow them at your own peril.

Here is what I will do. I will tell you if I liked it and how much I might be willing to pay for it a second time.

Today’s selection is the first White wine of the season.

Markham Vinyards 2004: Sauvignon Blanc. Around 13 bucks. This one is new, as in my wine store just got it today, so your wine store may not have this one yet.

My white senses are a little out of practice and on top of that I haven’t had a blanc in a couple years. They usually are “grassy” or acidic or a little bitter. This one though seems to have gotten past all that. It’s a little heavy for a white and as such is smooth, though not too syrupy the way some can be. It has slight peach overtones. Overall, it’s a decent job. It is not “cerebral”.

I would buy this wine again for 15 dollars. It’s worth the 13 dollar price. I could see this going OK with a mushroom risotto, in a park by itself while reading a book, possibly light fish, or chicken. I wouldn’t bother with cheeses, or heavy red sauces. It could even go well with certain deserts.